Online Marketing

Customers are actively looking for brands just like yours. The question remains, are your products and services accessible to find where it matters the most? Do your messages convey connection and inspire action? Are your products magnified correctly to attracts large customer bases?

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email marketing
email marketing

Website Development

Create your own view of the world through your website. Whether you have experience or not, 16o2 is your number one website solution designer that will suit all your innovative needs.

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We are exclusive agents for the Royal Eagle Host in our area, and thus, we thrive to make your experience an impeccable one. Host your website with us and receive benefits from the numerous bonus packages we offer, as well as, the services that will guarantee you comfort and accessibility at the best rates.

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Search Engine Optimization

Today’s SEO revolves around keyword counts or backlinks from high pagerank websites.  However, 16o2’s SEO revolves around delivering content that search engines want to reward, which drives customers through your sales.

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Social Media Marketing

Owning a presence on social media sites is becoming an extreme necessity for a business. Though a few years back social media marketing was limited with how one should implement their marketing strategies, today it is among the strongest method to market campaigns and advertisements. At 16o2, social media marketing engages the content of a specific brand to build larger audiences. Moreover, is a great tool to gain true insight towards what your customer thinks about your brand.

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social media


Are you looking for leads? You have come to the right place! Our call center runs 24 hours a day to ensure hot and new generated leads that are ready to sign up with your program whenever you are ready.

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Call Center

When handling customer calls, it should be a high priority to a business. Finding the time to answer phone calls can be challenging. Thus, to ensure all customer calls receive proper and timely responses, our call center runs on the newest technology available.

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call center

Email marketing

When you have a prestigious brand, you will want to embrace its greatness. You will want to extend your offers to all different types of customers. Similarly, you want to build strong ties and engagement with your clientele.

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Do you want unique banners, logos, cards, and graphics? Our team of highly successful and talented designers is ready to assist you and create your ideal design one step at a time.

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